Statutes of the Association

Pyramide Europe - Visual Authors Rights


Association name:
Pyramide Europe Visual Authors Rights



Association is registered in Denmark



The aim of the association shall be to bring together the European organizations for professional visual rights holders into a community to protect and develop the rights and interests of copyright holders vis-à-vis image users and lawmakers in the European countries.

The association will work with collection and exchange of professional knowledge, inspiration and cooperation for the members.



The European meeting is the association's highest decision-making authority.
There shall be at least one annual European meeting with participation of member organizations.
The first annual European meeting is the general meeting of the association.
The executive committee that handles the association's work between the European meetings are elected at the annual general meeting.
The executive committee has the function as the association board.



All European organizations that support the association's purpose can become members and be represented by appointing individuals to the meetings.
Organizations are a member of the association when the membership is approved and registered by the secretariat.


Membership fees are paid by member organizations in relation to their membership figures on the basis of agreed expenses from the European annual Meeting. 
A member organization that has not paid a fee within three months of the due date shall be deemed to have resigned from the association.
The association is non-profit and therefore does not have an actual account as agreed expenses are regularly paid by the member organizations.


The executive committee convenes the organizations for the European annual Meeting with one month's notice and agenda:

  1. Election of chairperson and referent

  2. Association report - approval of report

  3. Expenses and status for the year - approval of status

  4. Adoption of fees

  5. Members reports

  6. Optionally

  7. Election of executive committee


Proposals for the agenda are sent to the executive committee no later than 14 days before the meeting and member representatives must be aware of the final agenda with annex 8 days before the meeting.


Voting rights: All members present have voting rights and member representatives can give proposals and motivations but voting cases must be submitted in writing 14 days before the general meeting itself.


Decisions can be put to the vote and decided by 2/3 but consensus is always sought.



European meeting decides any changes to statutes.
Changes can be made after the decision by an ordinary European meeting, if all participants agree on the change. In other cases, by a two-thirds majority, decisions are taken by two consecutive meetings, one of which is the ordinary meeting.



The European meeting decides the dissolution of the association. For validity, at least two-thirds majority is required at two consecutive meetings, one of which is ordinary.
Upon dissolution, the association's assets are transferred to the member organizations on the basis of the membership numbers of the organizations.