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Stockholm november 14-15 2018 at SFF

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Hornsgatan 103, 10 floor, SFF

The participants

Denmark: Anders Jægenø, Thomas Carlslund DJFotograferne. Bent Nygaard Larsen, Dansk fotografisk Forening Norge: Peder Klingwall: FotoNorge, Gunnar Frydenlund: FotoNorge Arve Kjersheim IFF Island: Mats Wibe lund Sverige: Paul Vestergren BLF, Putte Salmine BLF, Åsa Anesäter SFF, Pauline Holmgren SFF Finland: Boris Fagerstrøm , Finfoto

Foto: Jenny Morelli

Tekst: Thomas Carlsund


Wednesday nov 14th: 12.00 -17:00

Thursday nov 15th 09.00 -11:30

Minuttes from meeting

Wednesday nov 14th

DSM digital signal market directive and Will google do better for Photographers.

Sylvie Fodor from Cepic explained the directive seen from the photograph’s view point. What will it mean and what we can expect. What are the strategies for national implementation. Cepics dialog with Google

Præsentations: GOOGLE IMAGES Nordic Conference 2018.pdf Sekretariat: DJ:fotograferne Dansk Journalistforbund, Gl. Strand 46 1202 København K

Opphavsrettsarbeid er et viktig fokusområde for fotograforganisasjoner, og det jobbes mye med dette på flere felt.

Status on GDPR, how do we deal with the regulation. How do the national organisations help their members.

Denmark: Dansk journalistforbund: Information on webside, guidelinies,hotlinie for question etc Dansk Fotograf forening: Education at meetings

Sverige: SFF Information on website

Finland:boris will send information

Conclusion: there have been no GDPR cases so far in any of the Nordic countries with regards to photographers

Thursday nov 15th

National reports. Norge: see document Landsrapport Foto-Norge november 2018.pdf

Sverige: SFF are working with the issue unfair contracts, especially Bonnier and Aller and the DSM directive A verdict on copyright regarding use of Facebook picture in newspaper were negative. See document: Svea HR PMT 722-17 Dom 2018-10-05.pdf

Island: The Icelandic organisation is a small organization with 41 members Finland: Strict law on privacy regarding photography. The motive most not in any way violate the privacy of people or places in the picture. The photographer has to have the approval of persons in motive. Boris presented 3 different copyright cases: 3cases.pdf

Danmark: No specific news,

Conclusion of national report:: It was agreed to collect and share freelance contracts with Aller and Bonnier in order to prevent differences in contracts for the different Nordic countries

Future of Pyramidenorden Every organisation at the meeting agreed on having the cooperation within PyramideNorden and the benefit of the network and information sharing with this organization Sekretariat: DJ:fotograferne Dansk Journalistforbund, Gl. Strand 46 1202 København K

The meeting agreed to:: The website A meeting for the web editors for will be held every second month at the 1 Monday 15 Invitation will be sent with agenda from the secretary (DJfotograferne) The Pyramidenorden organization Max 2 meetings a year Look into the possibility of having the spring meeting 2019 at Iceland Still have membership of IFFRO Move the address for pyramid Europe to Dansk Jounalistforbund, Denmark in order to have this address registred in EU, and thereby still have the access to EU Secretary: DJfotograferne Denmark

Conclusion for pyramidEurope: For the time being the only active organization in Pyramideeurope are PyramideNorden. Because of Brexit we move the address for pyramideeurope to Denmark and as such plan to keep Pyramideeurope alive as an organization to join European image organisations

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