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Minutes from Pyramidenorden Meeting Copenhagen October 3-4 2019


Denmark: Anders Jægenø, Thomas Carlslund DJfotograferne. Norway: Nils Olav Metvatne, Arve Kjersheim IFF Norway. Sweden: Paul Vestergren, Putte Salminen, Bildleverantörernas förening (BLF). GB: Seamus McGibbon AOP.

Thursday oct 3th

Reports and status from member organisations:

Norge: Norge Still working on Fotografiets hus, no final solution. New chairman in NFF Heidi Thon. Information Photograph education Norway.

Sverige: Information on work GDPR photographers and journalist. Importance of nametag of photographer on pictures and identification of photographer. GDPR rule does make it easier to identify photographer.

Finland: Finfoto has 50 year anniversary, work in progress for an arrangement. Finfoto is working together with Kopiosto a proposal to revoke § 49 a regarding the photographic image in the Copyright Act.

Island: It was dicussed to have next PyramideNorden/PyramideEurope meeting on Island in connection with next year billedorganisationsmøde which will be at Island.

Danmark: No latest news

Status on PyramideEurope and connection to EU. Seamus McGibbon from PyramideEurope Lmtd did attend.

· It was discussed to start a new/old organisation Pyramide Europe, and have it registrered in Denmark. On that background it was agreed to change the name of PyramideNorden to PyramideEurope.

· Based on this decision the already revised Statues for PyramideNorden was changed to Pyramide Europe.

· It was agreed together with AOP (Seamus McGibbon) to work for further contact with other European photographer organization.

· Pyramidenorden’s I registred member of IFRRO as Pyramideeurope and Paul Vestergren is Pyramideeurope’s primary contact person to IFRRO and to CEPIC via BLF.

· Anders and Thomas will work on a revision of the webpage to change content to PyramideEurope.

· Memberorganisation in PyramideNorden/PyramideEurope should provide contact persons from their organisation to the PyramideNorden/PyramideEurope Secretariat.

EU-copyrightreform influence on national legislation with Attorney Peter Schønning, Denmark's leading expert in copyright. Peter Schønning did go through art 3,5,12 and 17 and expressed some optimism for the legislation with respect to the coyright holder. The legislation characterized by the greatest possible common denominator, as there are wide differences in the copyright rules of the Member States (legislation can be fluffy and can be interpreted to national copyright law). There was however a positive attitude in the legislation towards creating artist and restrictive attitude towards large company.

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